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The Youth Interest PAC Will Fund Progressive Campaigns

Soo Youn

29 mrt. 2023

“Having money and spending money is not our end game.”

When you think of a Super PAC, the image that comes to mind probably isn’t a few dozen people gathered at a community center in historic Filipinotown in downtown Los Angeles snacking on sliders and vegan tacos. But the founders of the Youth Interest PAC aren’t looking to act — or spend — like traditional war chests in US politics. They’re launching this political action committee to fund progressive campaigns that its founders say young people care about: gun control, tackling climate change, battling far-right disinformation campaigns, and training a new generation of political organizers.

Sim-Marcel Bilal, 22, and Lorenzo De Felitta, 18, two LA activists who worked on the successful campaign for the new progressive LA controller Kenneth Mejia, founded the super PAC, which launched on February 5. They want to take the same scrappy Gen Z techniques they employed in that race — viral online campaigns, Twitch streams, clear messaging around the breakdown of city funds and taxpayer dollars, brazen attacks on the establishment, and a strong ground game — on the road ahead of the 2024 elections. 

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