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We're growing up in a world where politics is run by money.
A world where our safety, our health, and our futures are consistently sacrificed for the profit of multi-billion dollar corporations and elites.

We're over it.

For decades, corporations and industries have used SuperPACs to make sure politicians vote their way while we're left to deal with the consequences.

Now, it's our turn. But we're running things differently.
We're not here for the profit, we're here to fight for a future our generation can hope in.

Yours truly, YIP


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Investing in local youth organizers in all 50 states

Our generation is leading the way in digital organizing, hacktivism, and cutting-edge strategies. But, we also often do this work unpaid or under-compensated. 

The money we raise will go directly to youth leaders and youth-led campaigns.

Building a nationwide youth movement network

Imagine a space where artists, researchers, writers, scientists, developers, and every other type of person you can think of are together, brainstorming, and connecting to support each other's work.


That's what we're creating. A virtual space where all sorts of youth leaders from across the US can resource & skill-share.

Powering Progressive Candidates & Policies

Our rights aren't up for debate and it's time for Washington to hear our voices.

We're idenitfying and supporting candidates that are youth or allies who prioritize our needs and include us in their decision-making.

We're hosting the first Youth In Power Summit to focus on investing in, connecting, & celebrating Gen-Z organizers, activists, and artists of all levels.




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