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Youth Interest Pac was started by Sim Bilal and Lorenzo De Felitta, two youth activists from Los Angeles. Tired of seeing elected officials pandering for the support of youth voters and then abandoning them once in office, the pair decided to take action! To combat the effects shadowy special interest groups have on our democracy, Youth Interest PAC was born to be a transparent and centralized source of financial power for young people to be able to influence electoral politics. 



Youth Interest PAC is fighting on behalf of young people. Although our community is diverse, our common interest lies in a future that works for all people. As such, we refuse to take contributions from the following sources:

Fossil Fuel Industries

Police and Prison Industrial Complex

Military-industrial Complex

Anti-environment Corporation

Pharmaceutical Corporations

Luxury Real Estate Develipers

We also do not support candidates or campaigns. who accept contributions from these sources.


We encourage contributions from:

Grassroots donors

Young people and their families

Civic engagement-minded groups and individuals

Sustainable and environmentally focused investors and business owners

Community-oriented and youth-centered groups


We firmly believe that donors should have transparency over where their money goes. As such, we file quarterly reports detailing our contributions and expenditures. Additionally, donor impact reports are made publicly available twice a month. 


Beyond basic transparency, we allow monthly contributors who donate $10 or more to participate in exclusive polls that determine where we make our expenditures. The first step towards true democratic control over the campaign finance process begins with our contributors having influence over their contributions.

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